Sandy Shores Candle Company

Did you know..........

Our Candles are fully recyclable when you have finished using them.

We hope you enjoy burning your candles and experiencing the amazing smells we love to create for you.

And when you have finished with the Candle, don't throw it away, recycle every part of what is left. 


Glass Containers

We offer a recycling incentive!  Return 5 containers and we will give you a free candle of the equivalent size. Or have a look at “about us page” and find some recycling ideas to do with your container. Reuse, Recycle

Steel Wick Sustainer

Made from steel, the sustainer can be recycled

Candle Boxes

All our boxes are manufactured in Yorkshire using responsibly sourced fully recycled or FSC certified materials from FSC approved suppliers helping to reduce the impact on the environment. Reuse, Recycle, compostable!

Thank you/ Safety card

Our thank you cards are made from recycled paper. Reuse, Recycle, compostable!

Tissue Paper

We only use Acid Free Tissue paper, It's safer and compostable. Reuse, Recycle, compostable!

Packing paper

All the paper used for packing the postal boxes is shredded paper supplied by a local office or recycled paper. Reuse, Recycle, compostable!

Parcel Tape

We only use brown kraft parcel tape  which is a 100% recyclable, no need to separate from the carton. Reuse, Recycle, compostable!

Boxes used for packaging

When posting our products we always reuse boxes that have been delivered to us where possible. Reuse, Recycle, compostable!

We want to upcycle and reuse all packaging items where possible, avoiding items being sent to landfill. This also means we keep our costs low and continue to share that with you by offering reasonable pricing of our products.

Please feel free to let us know if you think of any other ways we can continually  improve what we are doing. 


How to use the

Recycling Incentive 

When you have five empty containers, please return them to the address on the bottom of your candle and include your name, address

 and the scent of your free candle.

Please can you make sure the containers are packaged securely to reduce breakages during transit. 

Thank you